Read: Family Field Trip

The school debate has no doubt popped up in conversation for many of us over the last few weeks as summer comes to an end and COVID rages on. I’ve been thinking a lot about what we personally will do in the fall, homeschool vs. going back to school. Preparing for either choice for my son. However, regardless of what we decide, we will continue to world school from home no matter what we do. ⁠

Each week, we work on a different activity together from my book, FAMILY FIELD TRIP. Sometimes it’s through art or architecture. Sometimes nature or through cooking. ⁠There are so many ways to travel throughout the world, without even leaving home. ⁠My new book is full of over 70 activities ready to help kickstart your travel from home and beyond adventure.

Family Field Trip is sold in all the places books are sold- your local indie shop, like Square Books, on #indiebound, Bookshop, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Whatever choice you made for your child, should be about what’s best for your family. ⁠- Erin

Read: Ten Magazines For Kids & Teens

I am a magazine junkie! I have been subscribing to magazines since I was in first grade when I use to get Highlights. Then I moved on to Ranger Rick, Cricket, Sunset (I still subscribe to this one), and so on… Not much has changed and I still have about seven or eight subscriptions. Since...
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Family Field Trip… The Book!

I can’t believe that we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. I can honestly say that this is not something that I thought I would see at this level in my lifetime. At my house, we are taking it as a time for slowing down and learning deeper about the world around us....
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Speaking Like a Local

Ten books to help get your child started speaking like a local.  Before third grade, learning another language is much easier for children. In Europe, most children are required to learn multiple languages before they become a teenager, while in America, it’s not required until high school. By then, it’s much harder for the human brain...
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Read. Travel Guides.

These beautiful books are a great addition to any wander lust library. Featuring suggestions from local creatives, you will surly get off the beaten path with one of these tucked into your bag. All books and images found here and here. Check out this book while on the site too. A map lovers dream.
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