Family Field Trip… The Book!

I can’t believe that we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. I can honestly say that this is not something that I thought I would see at this level in my lifetime. At my house, we are taking it as a time for slowing down and learning deeper about the world around us. As many of us take over the role of the teacher in the home during the next few weeks with schools closing, I wanted to finally tell you what I have been working on for the last few years…Welcome to my new book, Family Field Trip! It will be out on Chronicle Books on April 7, 2020, but is available for preorder now here // here // here // here // and here.

While it’s a primer to be used when out in the field, on a trip, it is also a great homeschooling resource as well. It covers everything from art and design to food and holidays from dozens of other countries other than our own.  Let’s use this time we are in right now to connect to other cultures and give our children the resources to broaden their understanding of the world around us. – Erin 

With more than 40 family-friendly cultural activities and adventures, Family Field Trip makes it easy to incorporate moments of learning and exploration into life with kids. You will find simple-to-follow ideas and tips for cultural experiences the whole family can enjoy, whether they are at home, exploring the neighborhood, or taking a vacation. Drawing on a range of popular experiential educational techniques—including Montessori, World Schooling, Forest Schooling, and more—Family Field Trip is the perfect handbook for any family with young children and an invaluable resource for raising kids who will grow into curious, well-rounded citizens of the world.

• Gives parents the tools and inspiration to turn the world into a giant field trip full of opportunities to teach children cultural appreciation
• Provides parents with easy ways to incorporate learning, adventure, and exploration into both travel and daily life
• Tackles a range of lessons and topics without being prescriptive or overwhelming

By exploring sites, languages, and foods of the world, Family Field Trip is an inspiring guide to raise globally-minded kids who appreciate art, food, music, nature, and design.

Activities include starting a supper club to introduce kids to the basics of cooking, having conversations that encourage empathy and cross-cultural understanding, designing fun scavenger hunts for any kind of museum, exhibit, or park, packing for trips with kids, and more.

You can find Family Field Trip here // here // here // here // and here. Thank you! I’d love to hear what you think of the book.