Field Trip 2.0: Lost Luggage

Hi! How the heck are you??

I feel like I’ve been hiding under a rock. A few years ago, four years ago, actually, I closed up my shop and decided to become a full-time freelance writer and photographer. In my mind, I thought I would have so much time to grow this blog, write about all the things that I am passionate about regarding travel, education, learning from home and beyond, etc… And while it’s been wonderful and freeing to have a creative life and job, it’s been more demanding than I ever imagined. So I’ve actually had to start saying no to work. This is an incredibly fortunate thing, but it’s meant that I’ve had to put some stuff like this blog on the back burner. Well, no more!

This past January, I started the Field Trip newsletter, which has been so great for me. It’s a weekly look into my mind surrounding travel ideas, lesson plans, etc. But I’ve still felt this itch to make this blog more…more of what I’ve always wanted it to be as well as an extension of my book, Family Field Trip and an extension of the newsletter.

So I give you Field Trip 2.0: Lost Luggage. It’s a look at all the things I’ve been saving up for you over the years by way of weekly posts. It might be a single product I’m loving to a 2000 word essay on discovering the blues in the Delta of Mississippi with your children. Either way, I’m making this a weekly part of life to share with you, because I’m so incredibly passionate about travel and teaching children to be travelers, immersing themselves in the world around them.

I hope you will travel with me each week, from here! – Erin

Welcome Back to Field Trip

Since I closed my shop Amelia in 2018, I feel like I have been on the best whirlwind of my life. I wrote my second book (more on that later), we took a lot of family trips, I designed a few homes for clients, and most importantly my schedule changed so that I’m with my...
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