Snippets: Iron & Wine

So many projects lately… I’m writing full time, taking photos full time. It’s a dream, but that means Field Trip, the blog, gets put on the back burner a bit. As I move my retail shop to online only, I hope to post one to two times a week here.

An Iron & Wine song comes on and I’m immediately transported. I’m out exploring backroads, it’s summertime, the windows are down, a breeze comes through the car.  We stop, pull over to look at a river, or stomp in a creek. We find another road to explore, so we do. And all is good. We get back home, with pockets full of rocks, leaves, maybe a small insect to add to our nature center. I want you to feel that when you read here. Feel transported, inspired to explore.

I will also be posting more about our time at home, because we aren’t always traveling. I want to share more about how we are teaching the world to our son, from our little dot of Water Valley, Mississippi. I thank you for following along and I hope you will keep coming back.

– Erin 

Snippets: Exploring Canada

My husband, Sean, has been visiting this magical spot in Canada since he was only about 18 months old. Spending long summers, finding all the nooks on the four acre island and the 31 mile lake itself. On our drive up, we talked to Tom a lot about when Sean was a little boy, looking for...
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Hi! Happy New Year!

Hi! It’s a new year and I have been awfully quiet here, on the site…. if you don’t know me or aren’t local, you might not know my back story. My name is Erin Austen Abbott and I own a retail shop called Amelia, located in Oxford, Mississippi. So this holiday season took all my...
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A Family Visit to St. Louis, MO

We love a good road trip! One where we can hop in the car and be somewhere completely new, in a day. We had always heard how great St. Louis is for kids…so when The Chase Park Plaza Hotel invited us to come up for a visit, there was no way were turning down the...
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Snippets of… New Orleans, LA

We get down to NOLA as often as we can, which, in my opinion is not enough. I’m trying to figure out how we can move there for like six months, just to fully experience all the art, design and culture that the city has to offer. One thing is for sure though, when we...
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Snippets of…New York City

My son asks to visit the Statue of Liberty almost daily. So I set out to do a little research and found some great information here. Highlights include that there is a height requirement and tickets are usually bought six months in advance. Nothing worst than planning a visit, telling your child they will get...
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