Speaking Like a Local

Ten books to help get your child started speaking like a local.  Before third grade, learning another language is much easier for children. In Europe, most children are required to learn multiple languages before they become a teenager, while in America, it’s not required until high school. By then, it’s much harder for the human brain to retain the learned information. I’m all for changing this, even if it means teaching my son, Tom Otis, myself.

  1. First 100 Words (English & Spanish) 
  2. The Everything Kids’ Learning Spanish Book
  3. Learn French Together
  4. Little Pim Italian Word and Phrase Cards
  5. Easy German Phrases for Kids
  6.  7 Steps to Raising a Bilingual Child 
  7. 52 Weeks of Family French
  8. The Bilingual Edge
  9. Bilingual Ability
  10. Raising a Bilingual Child