Hi! Happy New Year!

Hi! It’s a new year and I have been awfully quiet here, on the site…. if you don’t know me or aren’t local, you might not know my back story. My name is Erin Austen Abbott and I own a retail shop called Amelia, located in Oxford, Mississippi. So this holiday season took all my time… I’m still new to blogging and hope to spend this year getting on a good blog schedule so that I can bring you really wonderful travel content throughout the year, including the holiday season, when I’m completely swamped at the shop. I also have a book coming out in March, so I’ve been busy, behind the scenes, working on the launch of How To Make It, on Chronicle Books.

We have some wonderful trips planned this year, with so many new tips, places to visit, and just generally more content to help you when traveling with children.

I hope you will stick with me, as I plan out all the fun adventures. – Erin


Here are a few of our favorite images from 2016, from our travels and home life.

Tom Otis, my son, is 4 and a half, (the half is very important to him at this age). He tells me daily that San Francisco is his favorite city and he wants to be a “plant scientist” when he grows up.

Sean, my husband, is in a band called Great Pyrenees. ¬†When he’s not on tour, we are able to schedule trips with all three of us.

We have four animals, so is sort of a crazy house, when we are home. Ida and Olive are the dogs and Harriet and Louise are the cats.

That’s us… Happy 2017!