Snippets: Iron & Wine

So many projects lately… I’m writing full time, taking photos full time. It’s a dream, but that means Field Trip, the blog, gets put on the back burner a bit. As I move my retail shop to online only, I hope to post one to two times a week here.

An Iron & Wine song comes on and I’m immediately transported. I’m out exploring backroads, it’s summertime, the windows are down, a breeze comes through the car.  We stop, pull over to look at a river, or stomp in a creek. We find another road to explore, so we do. And all is good. We get back home, with pockets full of rocks, leaves, maybe a small insect to add to our nature center. I want you to feel that when you read here. Feel transported, inspired to explore.

I will also be posting more about our time at home, because we aren’t always traveling. I want to share more about how we are teaching the world to our son, from our little dot of Water Valley, Mississippi. I thank you for following along and I hope you will keep coming back.

– Erin