Welcome Back to Field Trip

Since I closed my shop Amelia in 2018, I feel like I have been on the best whirlwind of my life. I wrote my second book (more on that later), we took a lot of family trips, I designed a few homes for clients, and most importantly my schedule changed so that I’m with my family a lot more than I have been able to be prior to this. I’m more present than ever. It has also allowed me to look at this blog and what I want to do with it…

The goals that have for Field Trip are simple. I want to give you places to visit, art to see, design to explore, food to taste, and other cultures to learn from. I want to show you what that I have found, experienced, and things I’m teaching to my son, Tom Otis everyday. These could be as simple a single image to a more in-depth post. Either way, I want this to be a travel resource, a tool for learning, and a place to gather.

I’m still learning all the time and I hope that I can learn alongside you too. Leave comments, send emails. I want to hear from you.  – Erin

Images above: Tom Otis, exploring in a found hollow tree.