Trip planning with Zigzag City Guides

Whenever we get ready to take a trip, we always ask Tom Otis what sorts of things he wants to make sure to do and see. And eat! Living in a small town, our choices are limited, so eating food we can’t normally get, on trips is such a major part of travel for us.

It’s important to us, to include him in the process mainly because when children are a part of planning the trip, they are likely to enjoy it more. Tom is only four, but he’s only enough to understand that he’s not just along for the ride. We seek out cool playgrounds, local children’s activities, museums that are child friendly, and so on.

When we found out about Zigzag City Guides, we knew it was exactly what we needed for our trip planning. Each guide includes a map and also cards with facts about local child friendly spots. Tom can just look through the cards and find what he wants to see and we can travel with the map so that he can learn to navigate as we go. We have our next trip to San Francisco planned out and Tom now often talks about the different spots he’s looking forward to seeing. Including the little ones in the travel makes it all a little less scary, less unknown. We can now start talking about using his “museum voice” when we visit SFMOMA, what flavor ice cream he wants to get at Bi-Rite, which cable car route he wants to take…

Zigzag City Guides has several different city guides. Visit their site to see all the choices.

Let me know how you like your guide!