The Short List: Magazines For Kids

We all love having a stack of magazines for take off. Kids are no different. These two magazines, Kazoo and Illustoria, are so great, that I could see us adults reading them as well. I know I have read each of these, cover to cover.

Illustoria is more geared towards the creative side of things, art, music, etc… It has stories, activities, interviews, book reviews, games, comics, recipes and more. I got a subscription for my son, but pretty sure this is more for me. It’s the magazine I was searching for as a kid, yet never found.

Kuzoo is an alternative to magazines for girls, that are currently on newsstands. Girl geared magazines today are really sad… they are filled with fashion, makeup, how to talk to boys, etc… I personally wouldn’t want that as a young girl. I was a tomboy and wanted to read about art and science. Soccer and architecture. I didn’t care about fashion, I still don’t wear make up and I don’t think a twenty something needs to tell a ten year old how to talk to boys. This one is so great, for ages 5-10, geared towards girls, but I think boys can read this too. There is a lot of overlap in the first issue, but also, I want to raise a boy that doesn’t look at things as girl things and boy things, but rather just things. Kuzoo fills the void.

Other magazines we love:

Ranger Rick jr.

National Geographic Kids