The Short List: Loog Guitars

Since Tom was a little baby, we’ve always had musical instruments around in a basket on the floor for him to pick up and play. Everything from egg shakers to homemade guitars to tiny, baby sized drums and tambourines. Music has always been around and part of who he is.

When Loog Guitars reached out to me to see if Tom might like to try out one of their guitars, it was a no-brainer. YES! Of course!! He’s seven now, but since he was three, he’s been asking for an electric guitar. Well, son, now is the time.

My husband is a musician and has been patiently waiting for Tom to be old enough to teach chords to. So last Sunday, Tom had his first band practice. He listened intently to what Sean was teaching him and was able to learn four chords. He wants to name his band Blue Balloon.

Using the Loog app, Tom learned how to tune his guitar first and made a fun avatar as well. Loog also makes chord flashcards that help you to learn all the chords by showing you which fingers to use and where they go on the fret board. The app does this as well and has games to play, songs to learn, chord lessons, and more. Really well thought out on all fronts! I really wanted to make a fret joke here, but I held back. There are videos too, within the app, so kids that don’t have a musician parent can still get a personalized experience.

Since getting his Loog guitar, Tom has been practicing each morning before school. He has it in his mind that developing calluses on his fret hand means he’s also a real musician. Whatever keeps you working on playing Tom….

The bottom line is that we love Loog Guitars and the mini amp that they make. It’s a great starter guitar, very manageable to learn, and classic in design. I would highly recommend Loog. We can’t wait to see what they come out with next. – Erin

**This post is in partnership with Loog Guitars, but all words, opinions, and selections are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands we love that support the blog. 

** Tom’s sweatshirt is from sustainable brand Matilda Knows. We love this brand so much!!