RoadTrip: Hit The Road To See The Leaves Change

When I was a kid, we always took road trips in the spring and summer. Winter was spent home, not venturing much further than an hour’s drive. All through my twenties, I had a job traveling non-stop but far too often, I didn’t take the time to take in the beautiful changing of the seasons. I feel like I missed out on so much. I wish that I’d had someone telling me, look outside, take it all in. I’m learning now and making new memories with my family, year-round.

Often we reserve road trips for Spring Break and summer vacation, but why not hit the road for Fall Break and see the leaves change. It’s like finding a new, cozy way to travel. Stop into small-town pumpkin patches, visit hot cider stands, do some family apple picking, go camping, or explore a new city that you haven’t been to. It’s a beautiful time to get out there and take a field trip. Here are a few places that I dream of visiting, to see the leaves change. I’d love to hear what your favorite fall activities are or places to explore. – Erin 

Image above by @kevingust in Ottawa, Canada

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Road trip mixtape: I made a 27 song playlist for you on Spotify. I hope you enjoy it. When I listen to music on trips, I like songs that blend in with the environment around me or transport me to a place. Also ones that kick in and make me want to dance a little in my seat. This mix of both old and new songs, folk meets indie. It’s a fall mix, so it’s also a bit cozy.

One last thing, check out this cool map to help you find the best time to hit the road. It should help you plan a little better.

What are your favorite places to visit to see the leaves change?