Road Trip Mix Tape with Mates of State

Husband and wife duo, Mates of State, started out teaching their two daughters about music, between dance parties in their living room to taking them on tour with the band, driving across the country for months at a time. These days, Magnolia and June usually have control of the dial.

  1. Lennon and Maisy – “Life That’s Good”
  2. Taylor Swift – “New Romantics”
  3. Sia – “Reaper”
  4. Chvrches – “Playing Dead”
  5. Cyndi Laper – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”
  6. Robyn – “Dancin On My Own”
  7. Andy Grammer – “Keep Your Head Up”
  8. Cam – “Sleepwalking”
  9. Youth – “Troy Sevon”
  10. La’Roux – “Bulletproof”