One City… Chicago / part one

Photo via Chicago Magazine


One city, done three ways. I want to give you a chance to visit a location, with a plan, to get you started on your trip, catered to you and your families interests. Each month, a new city, done three ways. The “ways” might change depending on the time of year or the location, but will follow a similar formula for each city.

This month, Chicago is done for the foodie family, the outdoors family and the cultural family, broken up over three guides.



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The Foodie Family:


The Guest House. This charming hotel doubles as a small apartment during your stay. While it’s great to eat out when you travel, when you are with small children, it can be hard to do it every meal. The Guest House offers a full kitchen in each room, which makes trips to the farmer’s market that much nicer! They are located just a few blocks from the Andersonville Farmer’s Market. They have a great family section on their site as well.

Eat and Snack:

The Blue Door Farm Stand– Great farm to table spot. You can order online as well, if you just want to swing by quickly to pick up your lunch.

Doughnut Vault – Doesn’t get better looking than the Doughnut Vault. I love everything about this place.

Green City Market – Grab a meal and have a picnic. They have a great list of events on their site.

Andersonville Farmer’s Market – just a few blocks from The Guest House, it would be great to pop in here to pick up supplies for your stay in Chicago.

George’s Ice Cream This neighborhood staple is just around the corner from The Guest House.

Eatly – When in Rome…


Kid’s Table – Sign your budding foodie up for a cooking class while in town.

Garfield Park Conservatory – Just being around all the growth and plant life, it’s magical. They have lots of events and programs for the whole family, plus a children’s garden.

Montrose Beach and Bird Sanctuary  – Getting outdoors and off the beaten path is always nice when traveling to a city.

Cricket Hill  – There is a yearly kite festival on Cricket Hill, but I’m sure that you can find kites flying all Spring and Summer. Seems like a great spot for a picnic and to catch views of the city.