field trip
A trip made by students or research workers to study something at first hand.
1. “a field trip to the zoo was organized”

This blog was started to bring you travel tips, ideas, and places that you would want to visit with or without children. Whether you are a new parent, have children already or are single, you will find a little something for everyone here. Live like a local. Be a traveler, not a tourist.

My name is Erin Austen Abbott and I spent years traveling for work, as a crew member for various bands and also as a travel nanny, before my husband Sean and I had our son, Tom Otis. I have traveled to 48 states and 22 different countries over the years and when I’m not traveling for work or with my family, I can be found at home in Water Valley, MS where I work as a freelance writer and photographer.

It was in those years of traveling for work, that I picked up so many travel tips and amassed a large suggestion list of sights to see. I hope to incorporate my love of art, books, music, architecture, design and food into every post. Thanks for reading! – Erin