Rock Collecting

We are always looking for unusual souvenirs on our travels and love to feature those that also have a love for the unique find when traveling. What do you love to collect?

“Whenever I go to the west coast I always come back with a suitcase stuffed with rocks. I love finding out what rocks are local to an area and actually finding them in nature feels really special. I took this road trip along the coast from LA to Portland with two of my oldest friends. They are also rock enthusiasts who love collecting so we all came back with plenty of beautiful treasures. For me, I’m hoping to make some new work with the rocks I found. Though I will definitely save some to display in my home too!”  – Danielle Kroll, illustrator, design and shop owner.

We are big fans of Danielle’s work around here, so it’s very exciting to feature her here. She was kind enough to share a little about one of her favorite collections with Field Trip. Thank you Danielle!