Wonderment: Road Trip

Photos by Erin Austen Abbott “$1.99 < Free”

Exploring wonderment and sharing that with your children is one of the most magical things you could give to them. I snapped this cotton candy picture while at a truck stop while we were on a road trip from Mississippi to Texas. I had a pink cloud photo that I had taken previously on a different road trip that I knew I wanted it to pair with.

A few ways that we look for wonderment when on a road trip:

Cloud spotting.

Look out the window for things to point out to your child that they have never seen before.

Stop at roadside attractions.

Take a route you’ve never taken before, just for fun.

Get your child a disposable camera and let them take pictures through the window.

Supper Club: Vegan Dumplings

Supper Club is back! I’ve been cooking up a storm over here in the time away from the blog. It’s my way of relaxing and de-stressing from the work day. If you are new to the blog, Supper Club is our way of cooking our way around the world and learning about the culture at...
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The Short List: Loog Guitars

Since Tom was a little baby, we’ve always had musical instruments around in a basket on the floor for him to pick up and play. Everything from egg shakers to homemade guitars to tiny, baby sized drums and tambourines. Music has always been around and part of who he is. When Loog Guitars reached out to...
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Welcome Back to Field Trip

Since I closed my shop Amelia in 2018, I feel like I have been on the best whirlwind of my life. I wrote my second book (more on that later), we took a lot of family trips, I designed a few homes for clients, and most importantly my schedule changed so that I’m with my...
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Snippets: Iron & Wine

So many projects lately… I’m writing full time, taking photos full time. It’s a dream, but that means Field Trip, the blog, gets put on the back burner a bit. As I move my retail shop to online only, I hope to post one to two times a week here. An Iron & Wine song comes...
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