The Short List: OMY Wall Coloring Maps

Have you guys heard of OMY Design Studio? They are based in France their work is so fun!! Everything from giant coloring posters to postcard packs. I love all the travel related coloring maps they offer, but OMY! also makes ocean, home, and glow-in-the-dark coloring pages too.

Tom Otis has the large New York coloring sheet and I have it in my office, so he can work on it when he comes to visit me at the shop. He loves talking to me about the different spots in NYC that he’s been to, finding all the taxi cabs, and looking for new spots to visit next time we visit the city. So far he wants to walk over each bridge, ride the ferry, and look for King Kong. Ha!

Next time we head out on a trip, we are going to send a bunch of his pen pals postcards from OMY. Looking forward to that! If you want Tom to send you a post card, send us an email and we will send you one from our travels.

Give OMY a follow on Instagram too. They have a really fun feed. Thanks for reading about my short list… and thanks to OMY for sending us the wall map. We do love it and even though Tom isn’t coloring in the lines yet, I’ll always have a memory from this time in his life, taking in all of NYC, in the lines or not. – Erin


Snippets: Exploring Canada

My husband, Sean, has been visiting this magical spot in Canada since he was only about 18 months old. Spending long summers, finding all the nooks on the four acre island and the 31 mile lake itself. On our drive up, we talked to Tom a lot about when Sean was a little boy, looking for...
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Stay: Hotel Covell / Los Angles, CA

When we travel, we love to stay in hotels…getting to the room and finding the cozy right away. We aren’t, however, big fans of eating out every meal when we travel, especially with a child. So, while Air bnb seems like the best alternative, so that we have a kitchen and what not, that’s not...
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Supper Club: France

Welcome to this month’s Supper Club- a peek into the culture, food, and music of a different country each month. I, of course, love France. It’s magical, beautiful and just so charming. I’ve been to many parts of the country, but rarely try my hand at cooking French food because it feels so daunting and...
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Hi! Happy New Year!

Hi! It’s a new year and I have been awfully quiet here, on the site…. if you don’t know me or aren’t local, you might not know my back story. My name is Erin Austen Abbott and I own a retail shop called Amelia, located in Oxford, Mississippi. So this holiday season took all my...
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